The Chair of Russian Philology

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The Head of the Chair
Doctor of Science, Professor
Ahmetshin Boris Gaysievich
The Chair of Russian Philology was established in September 1, 1991. Having the status of a graduating chair it trains the personnel specialized in Russian language and literature on a double (Russian, English) speciality section. There’s also the responsibility for the whole series of disciplines on Russian philology at the Bashkir section, Bashkir and foreign languages section and Journalism section which on its own has Bashkir, Russian and Tatar sections. The staff of the chair works hard on the development of the scientific and methodic basics of systematization of the most common mistakes in the works of the university entrants, their computer processing aimed at creating a program and developing the optimum ways and reference which is meant for filling the gaps in the knowledge of Russian speech and written language of the non-Russian school pupils and the university students. Besides, it manages the (Russian) folklore field study and pedagogical practical training (of Russian language and literature).
Nowadays the chair is staffed by 11 lecturers, of which 3 are professors, doctors of science: B. G. Ahmetshin, T.A. Kildibyekova, F.G. Fatkullina, 7 associate professors: G.G. Khisamova, A.S. Makhmutova, I. M. Miniyarova, L.A. Permyakova, L.N. Ishmuratova,  A.A. Galyamov, I. G. Kulsarina, 1 senior teacher S.Yu. Danilin.
The work of the chair meets the prospective tendencies of the modern philology: functional-cognitive and lexical-grammatical description of linguistic units, stylistic and ortologic aspects of language study, linguistic text analysis, contrastive linguistics of the Russian and Bashkir languages, culturological concept of Russian language teaching in Bashkir schools and non-Russian university students at the lessons of Russian literature, Russo-Bashkir interethnic folklore and literal interconnections, the peculiarities of narration forms in ancient and classic Russian literature, the originality of the Russian novel in the second half of the poetics XIX century and the prose of Russian symbolists, the development of the topical problems in local literary history, geography and culture. All the scientific investigations have strict inner succession, interconnection, continuity of the topical linguistic, literary, folkloric problems investigation .
Attention is also paid to the availability of the methodological base of the teaching process. All the special courses are equipped by the methodic guides, programs, text-books, tutorials adjusted to various sections of the department taking into account the peculiarities of different specialities.
Every year there are not more than 7 applicants attend the post-graduate courses. A new way of scientific work guidance includes lectures on the results of the researches at the chair meetings, conferences, acquaintance with novelties in the sphere of scientific-methodic literature.
Within the scientific society of students a philological study group works under the supervision of the chair and the lecturers of the chair. Seminars and discussions where some modern problems of the linguistics, the poetics, the stylistics and the works of fiction are discussed are often held at the chair
The chair members take active part in interaction and collaboration with the students both in educational and in research works. This becomes apparent in scientific reports and lectures preparation.
The diploma papers of the students supervised by the chair reflect its main research areas. As a result of such collaboration, students contribute their articles or theses to the selected works collections.
Each academic group of students has a tutor who works with them from the start till the graduation year.