The Chair of Journalism

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The main building, room 413

(347) 273-93-12


The Head of the Chair

Doctors of Science, Professor

Kilmoukhametov Timergali Abdoulnagimovich


The chair of journalism was established in 1990 and is aimed at broad-scoped personnel training (for print and electronic media). There are also such specializations as PR and advertisement. The educational program meets the state standards of “Journalism” speciality training as well as the specialization disciplines and the subjects of local component. The chair gives lectures on key subjects, seminars on scientific study subjects, diploma seminars in graduation courses. The chair maintains the practical training, takes part in state exams on this speciality and diploma papers defense of graduation project.

The main academic fields are: the theory and the history of journalism, the typology of media in Russia of present days, the typology of journalistic genres, the theory and practice of translation, the techniques and technologies of journalistic text creation, the peculiarities of functioning of local newspapers in present-day conditions, the dynamics of journalistic genres in present-day conditions, the language and the style in media.

 Nowadays there are 8 lecturers at the chair. Among them are 2 Doctors of Science, Professors (T.A. Kilmoukhametov, R.B. Akhmadiyev), 3 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors (S.A. Aliyeva, L.A. Karakuts-Borodina, L.M. Salimova), Candidate of Science, Senior teacher (N.A. Ahmetyanova), Senior teacher R.G. Galeyev and Chair assistant A.R. Shammasov.

 The guest speakers come to give special courses. They are Z.M. Timerbulatov – the head of “Kitap” publishing house, T.A. Ulmyasbaeva – the State TV company radio “Bashkortostan” editor-in-chief, R.R. Magadeyeva the State TV company “Bashkortostan” special TV projects section editor-in-chief, T.N. Sirvacheva – “Respublika Bashkortostan” newspaper editor-in-chief,  O.E.Lebedintseva – the educational TV studio of the BSU supervisor, I.R.Bikkuzin – the photojournalist of “Kafedra” newspaper.

The Chair strongholds in the RB Media:

1.                 the agreement of creative cooperation with the local Press, publishing and printing industry affairs Management under the RB government

2.                 the agreement with the State TV channel “Bashkortostan” management

3.                 Close contact with the following organizations:

Newspapers editorials: “Bashkortostan”, “Respublika Bashkortostan”, “Kizil tan”, “Yashlek”, “Molodejnaya gazeta”, “Omet”, “Yenshishme”, “Vechernaya Ufa”, “Kiske oefo”, “Istoki”, “Ufimskiye vedomosti”, “Kafedra”, ”Gaudeamus”

Magazines editorials: “Agydel”, “Vatandash”, “Belskye prostory”, “Shonkar”, “Bashkortostan Kyzi”, “Henek”, “Akbuzat”, “Amanat”, ”Tulpar”, “Rampa”, “Tamasha”, “Panorama Bashkortostana”,

The editorials of all regional newspapers, local regional and city radio, TV media.