The Chair of the Bashkir literature and folklore

The Head of the Chair,
Candidate of Science, Associate Professor
Yanbaev Ilshat Kamilovich
The Chair of the Bashkir literature and folklore was founded in 1957. But its history dates back to decades of time. Based on madrash “Galiya” in 1920 The Ufa institute of practical education was established, which in 1929 becomes The K.A. Timiryazev Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute. In October 1930 the pedagogical institute was reorganized: instead of groups and sections the chairs were established among them The Chair of the Bashkir language and literature. In late 50-es the chair is staffed by such famous scholars-lecturers as A.I. Chanyshev, V.M. Magsumova, M.Kh. Mingajetdinov, A. Kh. Vakhitov. A talented coordinator of science and study process Associate Prof. Kh. Sh. Zinnatullina is in charge of the chair at that time.
From 60-ties to 80-ties the chair is headed by a famous writer A. N. Kireyev (Kirey Mergen). He contributed over 300 articles devoted to problems of the Bashkir folklore and literature study and over 50 fiction books in Bashkir, Russian, Tatar, Kazakh and other languages. From 1982 to May, 2010 the chair is headed by Prof., Member of the Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Bashkortostan R. N. Baimov.
The Chair makes a considerable contribution to the scientific, literary and creative potential of the republic. In early 30-ties a literary creative teamwork «Shonkar» (gyrfalcon) was established at the chair. Today this teamwork is the only social organization that in 1984 was awarded by the Supreme Soviet Panel of BASSR Honorary Diploma.
Mustay Karim and Zubay Utyagulov were once members of this teamwork.
The main fields:
The history and theory of the Bashkir literature from the ancient times till the present days, Eastern-Bashkir and Western-Bashkir literature and folklore relations.
The interconnection and interaction of the Oriental literatures.
The Bashkir literature in the European cultures system.
Prof. R. Baimov made a considerable contribution in this field . The members of the chair took part in compiling the 6 volumes of “The History of the Bashkir Literature”, short and many-volumed set of “The Encyclopedia of Bashkortostan”. They are also the authors and co-authors of university and school text-books, tutorials and methodic guides on the Bashkir literature and folklore. In 2002 a university text-book “The Bashkir literature of the XX century” was released. Soon a new text-book called “The Evolution of the Artistic Thought of Bashkirs in the Ancient Times and in the Middle Ages” is to be released. This is a fundamentally new area in the Bashkir literature study.
These years the chair collaborates with the philologists from Sakha (Yakutia), Buratiya, Tyva etc.