Department of Genetics and Fundamental Medicine

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Faculty of Biology, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450076
Headed by Elza Kamilevna Khusnutdinova, Doctor of Biology, Professor
 The Department was established in September 2010.
At present courses of genetic analysis, mutagenesis, human genetics, molecular genetics, genetical engineering, population genetics, sports genetics, psychogenetics, ecological genetics, pharmacogenetics, mitochondrial diseases genetics, bioethics are being designed.
Main areas of research: molecular and genetic investigation of the gene pool and genetic history of Eurasian peoples, analysis of structural specifics of hereditary diseases genes, search for molecular and genetic markers of predisposition to multi-factor human pathology, to motor activity and to developing physical human qualities.
Material facilities are being created at the Department, which will allow to carry out research an train professional staff on the modern level.