Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics

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Headed by
Doctor of Economy, Professor
Railya Bakhitova
The history of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics starts in 2002. The Department trains students majoring in Mathematical Methods in Economics. Form of tuition – full-time. Tuition may be budgetary or contractual. Graduate qualifications: Economist-Mathematician. Postgraduate courses in the major 08.00.13 – Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics.
The professional and teaching staff of the Department consists of 21 people. The Department is responsible for the following original courses: Theory of Contracts, Economic Theory in Optimisation Methods, Agent-Oriented Simulation, Intellectual Data Analysis, Programming in 1S: Predpriyatiye -8». The teachers use active education methods, practice modern techniques (testing, Internet examinations, business games, weekly seminars, annuakl student conferences, interactive methods, etc.).
Main areas of research:
  • economic and mathematical simulation;
  • systemic analysis of socioeconomic processes;
  • regional and municipal economy;
  • institutional economy.
Within the designated areas the following methodological approaches and mathematical models have been devised:
  • regional and municipal administration and finances;
  • industrial economics, fractal model of management accounting;
  • neuronet usage in economy;
  • reliability evaluation of commercial banks and insurance companies;
  • human capital formation in a higher education system;
  • economic contract evaluation;
  • actuarial mathematics, etc.