Sterlitamak Branch

Adress: 47a Lenin Street, Sterlitamak 453103
Tel. 43-22-50 (reception room)
Official web-site:
BashSU Sterlitamak Branch is headed by Ilgiz Rayanovich Kyzyrgulov, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor
For 15 years BashSU Sterlitamak Branch has been the educational, scientific and cultural centre of Sterlitamak, the second largest city of Bashkortostan, as well as neighbouring cities, towns and districts.
Currently about 4,000 students are being trained at the branch and 8 educational departments are operating. There are three forms of tuition at the branch: full-time, extramural and combined tuition, tuition is carried out on the basis of secondary, professional secondary and higher education.
Over the past few years BashSU Sterlitamak Branch has been actively developing new specialties demanded by market economy. These specialties include state and municipal management, anti-crisis management, mathematical methods in economics, applied mathematics and information science, tax and taxation, chemistry.
The educational establishment has 6 buildings, a criminalistics laboratory, 8 information science rooms, multimedia rooms, students have free access to Internet resources and legal information systems “Guarantor”, “Codex”, “Consultant Plus”.
The branch employs 110 lecturers, including 16 Doctors of Science and 49 Candidates of Science. Only over the last 5 years the branch lecturers have defended 25 candidate dissertations in different scientific fields. The branch lecturers have taken part in 728 scientific conferences on different levels, which is evidenced by published proceedings and theses of the scientific forums in question. During the designated period 27 monographs and 140 teaching manuals have been prepared and published, 8 teaching manuals have been given special stamps by Russian Ministry of Education. Currently the Centre is engaged in research in 39 topics.
Relations with foreign higher educational establishments are being developed. From 2005 through 2009 delegations from People’s Republic of China and Bulgaria made regular business trips.
Currently the branch is persistently pursuing a course of developing its scientific production activities which include scientific and practical collaboration of the branch and leading Sterlitamak enterprises.
Organization of student scientific work is carried out on a systematic basis. There are 10 student scientific groups in the branch.
The branch has been publishing its newspaper “BashSU Sterlitamak Branch Bulletin” since December 2007.
The branch students are provided with accommodation in a well-appointed hall of residence, a canteen and 4 buffets serve hot meals.
Artistic and creative organization of student leisure activities is provided by the Student Club which includes 8 creative teams: two musical groups (“Sanskrit” performs only author’s songs, and “Dart” is a rock group); vocal group, break-dance team “Street Life”, folk and Oriental dance groups, the team “ZKO” of the Club of the Light-Headed and Quick-Witted, a brass band.
The Sports Club under BashSU Sterlitamak Branch is engaged in promoting a healthy lifestyle. There are 6 sections and 2 health groups (track and field athletics, volleyball, orienteering, boxing, aerobics and others). The branch teams are actively taking part in city competitions, city and republic championships, all-Russian tournaments, as well as in the University Contest of the Republic of Bashkortostan as part of BashSU team in track and field athletics, boxing, ski races, orienteering and swimming.
Student recreation is organized at the “Sapsan” tourist base which is near the Nugush reservoir and at the BashSU sports camp in the Nagayevo settlement of the Ufa district.