Newspaper "Kafedra"

Voice of University
The large-circulation Bashkir State University newspaper “Kafedra” is already more than 40 years old. The first issue of the newspaper which then had the name of “Znamya Oktyabrya” at the time came out in 1967. The original name was chosen in accordance with the demands of the epoch, besides, the University was named after the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution at the time. The founder and the first editor of the newspaper was Romen Gafanovich Nazirov, one of the most brilliant lecturers of the Faculty of Philology. Until the last days of his life he cooperated with the editorial office, took care of his “child” and always helped the young team with professional advice. After Nazirov the newspaper was at different times edited by his students and followers – Lyubov Kolokolova, Lyudmila Roshkovan, Tatyana Barabash, Mikhail Zimin, Natalya Nikerina, Marina Kulikova.
In 1990 the decision to choose a new name for the newspaper was made: a name that would be classical and independent from political situation and change of authorities and epochs. So “Znamya Oktyabrya” became “Kafedra”.
For over four decades the newspaper has been covering Bashkir State University life. Student life, scientific activities, events of different scale and subject matter, progress and achievements of the university community, new projects and names – all that is what “Kafedra” pays closest attention to. The reporters of the newspaper are always present at conferences and official meetings, student celebrations and festivals, anniversary festivities and sports competitions. The newspaper journalists bring their reports from everywhere! From scientific laboratories and student halls of residence, rehearsal halls and academic rooms, university libraries and museums, from subbotniks and creative club sessions. The heroes of “Kafedra” publications are heads of the University, faculty deans, best teachers, talented students and postgraduates – all those whose work and studies make history of Bashkir State University.
The university newspaper has one more mission. Over many years it has been “forging” professional journalists for all of our Republic. It was in “Kafedra” that many of the BashSU alumni who are well-known for being highly qualified journalists first tried their hands at writing. In every Republican newspaper, radio station and TV company there are professional who have gone through the school of the university house journal. And most of them say that work in their alma mater newspaper has been a great start for their careers.
Speaking about the “Kafedra” authors directly, one cannot help mentioning the fact that their number has been enormous over the four decades. The newspaper editorial office has always been open to initiative, creative and purposeful people with new topics, ideas and desire for professional growth. That is why among the newspaper reporters there are not only students majoring in Journalism, but also students, postgraduates and teachers of various faculties – historians, mathematicians, economists…
During 2009 the “Kafedra” editorial office worked almost non-stop, for the number of events that were worth press attention was overwhelming in this celebratory for the University year and each of those events got covered on the pages of the newspaper. In honor of BashSU anniversary the newspaper slightly changed its look – it started being issued in a larger format, on thick white paper, in full-color form and with better printing quality.

Incidentally, the “Kafedra” itself will soon be celebrating its anniversary (or even anniversaries). In 2010 the newspaper will have been issued under its current name for exactly ten years – that is one. In 2012 the newspaper will be 45 years old – that is two. The number of issues having been produced since 1967 is already more than 900 (!) and is slowly approaching a “round” thousand – that is three. Beyond any doubt the “Kafedra” will celebrate these momentous dates full of vitality and creative ambition, for Bashkir State University cannot be imagined without its house journal with such a rich history.