Department of Public Relations

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Headed by:
Candidate of Philosophy, Professor
Sergey Nikolayevich Semyonov
The history of the Department of Public Relations starts in October 2000. In connection with the admittance of first-year students of the licensed majors of Public Relations and Organisational Management appeared the need for organizing and coordinating of general professional disciplines taught to students. With a view to boosting the efficiency of the educational process was created the Department of Public Relations. The Department shouldered responsibility of teaching general professional disciplines and psychological and legal disciplines that had been passed on to it by the Department of Social Work. The first Head of the Department was Rim Galiakhmetovich Minniakhmetov, Candidate of Law, Deputy Faculty Dean, who held this post until 2001.
From October 2001 to December 2006 the post of the Head of the department was taken by Doctor of Sociology, Professor Aleksey Borisovich Kurlov. In December 2006 Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor Rimma Rifkhatovna Suleimanova was appointed Head of the Department. Since October 2010 the Department has been headed by Candidate of Philosophy, professor Sergey Nikolayevich Semyonov.
At present the Department employs 6 staff teachers: Head of the Department, Professor S.N. Semyonov, Associate Professors R.R. Suleimanova, G.R. Garipova, A.A. Ulanov, Z.F. Baigildina, Senior Lecturers Ye.V. Nasyrova, Ye.N. Kurochkina, R.Kh. Yelagina.
The Department trains specialists in major 350400 Public Relations. Public Relations specialists are an integral part of modern management aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding between partners and at boosting the efficiency of their information interaction. This profession is turning into one of the leading and most demanded jobs in modern “information” society.
A public relations specialist is a professional in the field of information activities who combines general erudition with specific knowledge in the sphere of organizing and spreading social information, is able to single out the most urgent problems and “build bridges” of mutual understanding between the general public and a specific social group. A PR professional is capable of functioning as a press secretary, manager, assistant, expert and adviser on issues of developing and introducing information technologies, of business communication and public connections.
The Departmental teachers carry out research in accordance with the thematic research plan which is aimed at solving methodological problems of the development of Public Relations as a scholarly discipline and as a most complicated system of informational and analytical practices.