Department of Infocommunication Technologies and Nanoelectronics

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Headed by:

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Renat Salikhov

The Department was established in 2014 by combining of the Department of Statistical Radio Physics and Communication and the Department of Electronics and Nanoelectronics. The Department trains the specialists on two directions: 11.03.02 "Infocommunication technologies and communications system" and 11.03.04 "Electronics and nanoelectronics". The Department has close contacts with leading high schools of Russia in area of infocommunication technologies and electronics: by Moscow technical university of communications and informatics, Povolzhskiy state university of telecommunications and informatics, St.-Petersburg electrotechnical university (LETI), National research nuclear university (MEPhI) etc.

Training of specialists in the field of optical communication systems is conducted in BSU since 1997 on full-time and correspondence courses. Physics and technology of optical communication is an area of science and technology that involves research and development aimed at creating and maintaining optical communication devices and systems designed to transmit, receive and process information through channels and sections of the Russian Federation Integrated Electrocommunication Network, local communication networks and technological process management systems. Thanks to their fundamental and special training, engineers specializing in physics and technology of optical communication can perform the following types of professional activities: organization and management, production and technological activities, research and designing.

Reception and preparation of students in electronics and nanoelectronics are carried out since 2011. Profile "Electronic devices" includes the study of microcircuitry and microprocessors, fiber-optic communication lines, local area networks, automation, simulation and design of a wide class of electronic devices using advanced software tools. Preparing graduates made to the following types of professional activity: design; technology; research; management; service. Wide profile of specialty allows graduates to solve complicated tasks that are typical in high-tech industry and work successfully in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.

Graduates of both directions demanded by such enterprises and companies in the region, such as: Bashinformsvyaz, Ufanet, Rostelecom, MTS, Svyaztransneft, Progress, Magnetron, Polygon, Promsvyaz, Geofizpribor and others.

Scientific areas of the Department:

  • «Radio electronic devices for industry »;
  • «Simulation of optical fiber couplers of different geometry and fiber-optic communication lines with wavelength-division multiplexing channels »;
  • «Increase of light sources efficiency (laser, fluorescent, LED) »;
  • «Design and development of new organic-based solar cell materials, FETs and chemical nanosensors »;

The department maintains scientific cooperation with Russian universities and academic institutions: Moscow technical university of communications and informatics, St.-Petersburg electrotechnical university (LETI), National research nuclear university (MEPhI), Moscow State University, Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS, Ioffe Institute, Institute of Organic Chemistry RAS. The department has close contacts with a number of foreign educational and scientific organizations.