Department of History

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Headed by:
Rif Salikhovich Ayupov
Doctor of History, Professor
The Department of History of the faculty of Philosophy and Sociology is a successor to the Department of History of Soviet Union Communist Party established in 1954. The first Head of the department was Doctor of History, Professor Sh.Kh. Chanbarisov. From 1958 to 1984 the Department was headed by Doctor of History, Professor F.L. Sayakhov. Since 1984 the Department has been headed by Doctor of History, Professor R.S. Ayupov.
The Department of History employs 3 Doctors of History, Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 2 Senior Lecturers, 2 Assistant Lecturers. The teaching staff of the department is actively engaged in academic, methodological and research work. The Department believes that the most important methodological requirement is the connection between history and modernity, taking into account the specific nature of the Faculty. The theoretical and evaluative part of the lectures is being enhanced. Materials about Russia are more and more often regarded within the context of the world civilization.
At present the teaching of the discipline is based on textbooks, workshop plans, etc. devised by renowned Russian scholars. The methodological committee of the Department constantly supervises renewing of required learning and methodological aids. At Departmental sessions regular discussions of recent publications on history in general and national history in particular take place. Boosting teaching efficiency is also achieved by putting more experienced teachers in charge of young ones. The teachers constantly improve their qualifications by means of postgraduate and doctoral courses, training courses, leaves for creative work.
Over the past years the Department has held the conferences “History of Teaching Social and Humanist Disciplines in Universities”, ‘’History of Bashkortostan in Historiography of 1985-2005”. Republican scientific conferences dedicated to the 60th and 65th anniversaries of the Great Victory have been prepared and held. The proceedings of this conference “Great Victory: A View after 65 Years” have been published.
The educational process is carried out by highly qualified teachers: Doctor of History, Professor Rif Salikhovich Ayupov, Doctor of History, Professor Kadim Bariyevich Valiullin, Doctor of History, Professor Diyas Khatipovich Yandurin, Candidates of History, Associate Professors Oksana Ivanovna Novikova, Marat Mirsaitovich Utyagulov, Chulpan Rafimovna Khamidullina, Aigul Nurikhanovna Zayerova, Ruslan Robertovich Khadimullin.