Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culturology (UNESCO)

About Department | Сотрудники Студентам Аспирантам

Acting Head of Department:
Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Lyaisan Akhmetovna Itkulova
The Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culturology (UNESCO) was established in 1986 on the initiative of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan D.Zh. Valeyev (1940-2002). The Department has had such teachers as A.P. Andreyev (1936-2007), R.I. Baikova (1931-2004), L.N. Popova, L.A. Kolokoltseva. They not only shared their knowledge with students, but cultivated in them such profound notions as good, love, beauty, humanism, skill of logical thinking. The teachers of the Department, originally formed as a multi-discipline educational centre, have designed and deliver courses of lectures in Ethics, Culturology, Aesthetics, History of Religion, Religious Studies, Culture of Communication and Mutual Understanding, Conflictology, History of Bashkir Philosophical and Sociopolitical Thought, Logics. They are actively engaged in educational and research work and are authors of numerous teaching manuals, learning aids, scholarly article and monographs on urgent problems of ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of culture and education. The teachers of the Department develop scholarly traditions started by the founder of the Department Professor D.Zh. Valeyev and Departmental veterans.
In 2002 the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culturology merged with the UNESCO Department of the BashSU Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology. On the basis of the newly formed department an International UNESCO Centre for Education in Multiethnical and Multiconfessional Society was established. On April 11, 2003 an agreement between UNESCO and BashSU about creating an International UNESCO Centre in BashSU was signed.
Today the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culturology (UNESCO) that has been active in the sphere of education and research for over two decades has found itself on the cutting edge of humanist knowledge in the University. It is a carrier of ideas of Good, Truth and Beauty, world culture, friendship and mutual understanding in the spiritual space of multiethnical and multiconfessional Bashkortostan. The Department provides its decent contribution to the formation of spiritual personalities with developed minds, positive moral potential, broad aesthetic horizons, who are capable of becoming active and responsible subjects of the renewal processes going on in society.
At present the Department employs 12 teachers (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Z.Ya. Rakhmatullina, Candidates of Philosophy, Associate Professors: D.Kh. Akbasheva, A.R. Bikbulatova, Z.R. Valeyeva, Z.R. Valiullina, K.V. Girfanov, L.A. Itkulova, M.N. Tukhvatullin, A.Ya. Fatkullina, R.V. Khanova, L.R. Khasanova, Candidate of Philosophy, Senior Lecturer L.K. Vychuzhanova.)
Major research areas:
  • work within the Departmental research area of education in multiethnical and multiconfessional society;
  • work with postgraduates and degree-seekers;
  • organization and holding of scientific conferences;
  • publication of monographs and articles in collections of scientific papers.
Major areas of academic work:
  • performing academic workload in accordance with syllabuses for the majors;
  • preparation and publication of learning aids and manuals in the Departmental disciplines;
  • work on improvement of sets of teaching materials in the Departmental disciplines.